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Major Beer Company's First Total Water Recycling Plant Halves Water Usage at Its Brewery in Denmark

The ​investment ​allows ​Carlsberg to ​recycle 90% of ​all process ​water and halve ​water usage at ​its brewery in ​Fredericia, ​Denmark, while ​reducing energy ​consumption by ​10%.

Source: Carlsberg Group ǀ October 1st 2019

Visit: https://www.carlsberggroup.com/newsroom/carlsberg-group-investment-halves-water-usage-at-its-brewery-in-fredericia-denmark/

Fredericia ​brewery site (​Image by ​Carlsberg Group)

Following ​screening and ​evaluation by ​Carlsberg’​s Integrated ​Supply Chain, ​the Fredericia ​brewery was ​selected as a ​test site for ​its first total ​water recycling ​plant. ​ This plant ​will reduce ​average water ​consumption at ​the brewery ​from the ​current 2.9 hl ​of water per hl ​of beer to 1.4 ​hl of water per ​hl of beer, ​which will make ​it the first ​brewery to ​virtually ​eliminate water ​waste. ​

It is ​estimated that ​the total water ​recycling plant ​will also ​reduce the ​brewery’s ​energy ​consumption by ​10% through its ​own biogas ​production and ​recirculation ​of hot water, ​further ​contributing to ​the Together ​Towards ZERO ​sustainability ​programme. ​

“This is ​a big ​investment for ​us, but also a ​necessary next ​step on our ​journey towards ​ZERO water ​waste across ​all our ​breweries. By ​recycling 90% ​of all process ​water, the ​Fredericia ​brewery will ​halve its ​current average ​water ​consumption for ​brewing beer, ​taking it below ​our 2030 target,​” says ​Philip Hodges, ​EVP, Integrated ​Supply Chain, ​Carlsberg Group.​

“​The Fredericia ​brewery has ​consistently ​focused on ​resource ​management and ​water reduction,​ but we need ​better use of ​advanced water ​recycling ​technologies to ​reach the ​ambitious ​targets in our ​Together ​Towards ZERO ​programme. On ​the eve of its ​40th anniversary,​ the Fredericia ​brewery will ​serve as a ​learning ​platform for ​all our ​breweries,​” says ​Philip Hodges. ​

Carlsberg'​s water ​recycling plant ​will treat ​process water ​that comes from ​sanitation and ​bottle ​cleaning and ​will be able ​to recover ​it by 90%. ​

Located a 1.5-​hour drive from ​Copenhagen, the ​Fredericia ​brewery was ​inaugurated on ​25 September, ​1979. Back then,​ the water-to-​beer ratio was ​4:1 at a time ​when the global ​norm was above ​6:1. Comprising ​a brewery, ​bottling plant ​and warehouse ​terminal, the ​Fredericia ​brewery employs ​more than 600 ​people in ​brewing, ​customer supply ​and other ​functions. ​

The state-of-​the-art total ​water recycling ​plant is a ​partnership ​project ​initiated ​through the ​public-private ​partnership ​DRIP (the ​Danish ​partnership for ​Resource and ​water-efficient ​Industrial food ​Production). ​The project ​involves not ​only universities ​and technology ​providers but ​also the Danish ​veterinary, ​environment and ​food authorities,​ thereby ​ensuring that ​it meets ​Denmark’s ​high food and ​environment ​standards. ​

Søren ​Nøhr Bak,​ Expertise ​Director at ​technical ​consultancy ​company Niras ​says: “​The total water ​recycling plant ​at Carlsberg’​s brewery ​represents a ​new innovative ​approach to ​safe reuse of ​rinsed process ​water, and the ​project ​introduces new ​technologies to ​improve water ​efficiency, ​building on the ​long-standing ​tradition of ​cooperation ​with Danish ​environment and ​food safety ​authorities as ​well as leading ​Danish ​universities.​” ​

Together ​Towards ZERO is ​the Carlsberg ​Group’s ​vision for a ​better tomorrow ​at a time of ​serious ​challenges such ​as climate ​change, water ​scarcity and ​public health ​concerns ​ . It consists ​of four ​ambitions: ZERO ​carbon ​footprint, ZERO ​water waste, ​ZERO irresponsible ​drinking and a ​ZERO accidents ​culture. Each ​of these is ​underpinned by ​individual ​measurable ​targets to be ​achieved by ​2022 or 2030.

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