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Energy Integrated Solutions Announces New Ownership

Energy Integrated Solutions Announces New Ownership, an efficiency vision and an improvement philosophy becomes an integrated company

Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc. (“EIS”), an energy efficiency and power quality company located in Atlanta-GA, today acquired the assets of Energy Automation Services Incorporated, a Hendersonville-TN energy savings company, serving the US and international industrial and commercial clients.

“At EIS, we are incredibly excited to purchase a company with more than 38 years of history in the energy efficiency and conservation industry. We are confident that our commitment to excellence in customer service, our vision and our continued process improvement philosophy will help us to significantly advance the legacy this company built for decades”, said Alex Figueiras, President and CEO.

With the change of ownership, the company will move to Atlanta, GA, and will increase its ability to respond quickly to both domestic and global markets. EIS will retain all technical and experienced associates and affiliates, many who have worked here for decades and played an integral role in the company success.

“EIS will continue to be an engineered solutions company with dedication to innovation and quality. We will keep on supplying and expanding the line of products and services to help our clients enhance their energy and operations usage and optimize their income generating assets”, said David Benavent, COO.

About EIS

Energy Integrated Services, Inc. is a best-in-class energy conservation and power quality improvement company for all major facility energy load groups. Successful 30-year+ track record with thousands of installations in 66 countries through a network of 100+ partners and affiliates, providing electrical energy savings guaranteed by A+ rated insurance company. For more information, visit our website

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