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  • Enrique Perez-Young

EIS Introduces MBR Post-Process Water Recycling System

Innovative Environment-Friendly Technology Allows Reusing Industrial Water Within Facility Production Processes

EIS expands its services beyond the usual Energy Conservation Measures to include the optimization of one of the most utilized production consumables: water.

ATLANTA, GA and FRANKLIN, NC (December 5, 2018)

A3 Water Solutions GmbH and ReUse Innovation, manufacturers of a patented membrane bioreactor technology (MBR), have partnered with Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc. to efficiently increase the usage of the high-quality water employed and depleted throughout the production process of industrial and commercial companies. This initiative responds to the industry environmental awareness trend and to the EIS commitment of implementing new processes aiming to the maximum exploitation of production resources, while reducing or eliminating the impact of facilities’ pollutants in the surrounding ecosystem.

MBR Technology

Membrane Bioreactors, or MBRs, combine conventional biological treatment of activated sludge processes with membrane filtration. EIS-A3 MBR system is centered in the use of a reinforced hollow fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, with a nominal pore size of 0.038μm (as small as 150 KDa), for effectively removing the broadest spectrum of contaminant particles and dangerous pathogens, as small as bacteria and viruses, with a footprint of less than 40% of the traditional wastewater treatment plants.

The EIS/A3 MBR System

Our MBR retrofit enhances the needs of the traditional treatment plant’s capacity to handle and reducing wastewater volume, including but not limited to: (i) time of sedimentation and bio-digestion; (ii) better use of the facility available space; and (iii) the capability of recovering the investment when producing high quality water from a usually wasted source.

The application of membrane bioreactor represents the state-of-the-art technology for treating biological wastewater. While conventional treatment processes focus on the degradation of organic contaminants and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, MBR systems also reject turbidity and microorganisms. This dual approach generates, consistently, in real time, a stream of high-quality and superior reusable water.

System Advantages

“The real potential of the system becomes evident when our clients have, here and now, the possibility of reinjecting, back into the production process, the effluents of the normally discharged water, reducing, by default, a relevant portion of the need for freshwater intake. A no-brainer double-prizing when we now mitigate the use and abuse of natural water streams without affecting the level of production cost of our clients’ facilities” said Alex Figueiras, CEO of EIS.

“Our system provides an absolute barrier from all solids, bacteria and viruses, reducing the need of time and space for bio-digestion, which reduces massively the need for tankage volume. When you consider that most of our MBR solutions are built into containerized systems or on skids, the logic indicates that simple-plan-design triggers less equipment to assemble, repair and replace; and added to the fact that all controls and equipment functions are fully automated, designed for remote access on any device with a web browser, enable the facility owner to dedicate additional resources to their production process, with the confidence that their waterflow stability is sustained.” said Randall Nelson, President, ReUse Innovations. “We’re excited to be an implementation part of the EIS continuous commitment to innovation and expansion of their product line to state-of-the-art recycling and renewing technologies.”

An environmental feasible alternative

“The response of our customer base has been overwhelming, recently Guatemala government issued a new regulation for industrial waste water treatment, enforcing the need of remedy to the always growing environmental impact of the post process water in our natural streams. Having access to a solution to comply with the new regulations, but still economically feasible for the facilities, due the fact that their waste water can be recycled for production uses, has been beyond their expectations.” said Ana Gabriela and Karla Maria Bolaños, owners of ENERSYST (an EIS Affiliate company in Guatemala).

The MBR system is already available for national and internationally deployments through EIS and its globally based Affiliate Network. Please contact our offices +1 (404) 937-6547 or mail us your inquiry to or visit our website

About A3 Water Solutions GmbH:

An international manufacturing and consulting company in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, offers solutions for water and wastewater treatment processes. A3 supports clients from the private, public and governmental sector to overcome environmental challenges.

A3 offers customized plant design and operational procedures for individual clients to meet environmental regulations and deliver the best possible economics.

About ReUse Innovation:

ReUse specializes in decentralized wastewater treatment plants for industry, manufacturing, development and municipal purposes. It is particularly involved with and interested in the market for reusable, reclaimed and recycled water.

ReUse is the manufacturer of a proprietary MBR, in association with A3-USA.

About Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc.:

40+ year experience on industrial energy efficiency while working with certified M&V professional staff, has ranked EIS, across the national and global market, as one of the top organizations focused on optimizing and improving energy conservation and operational efficiency with a savings guarantee agility. Its integrated and service-oriented approach provides the flexibility to address customer needs, reducing risk and capitalizing on financial and operational savings. EIS offers full energy and operational consulting services through a holistic vision.

Media Contact:

Enrique Perez-Young

Chief Marketing Officer

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Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc.

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Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc. (EIS)

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