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Updated: May 10, 2018

It can be stunning to think about the amount of money that the U.S. vehicle industry assembly plants spend on energy every year: about $3.6 billion dollars. This is quite a number; nevertheless this energy cost is relatively small when adding up the expenditure of the total vehicle production process in which around 13 million cars and trucks are produced annually by 70 different assembly plants around the United States. As one of the most important industries in the country —and one of the largest in the world—, it generates almost $350 billion in output. Still, the vehicle assembly industry is currently facing an increasingly competitive environment in which any form of energy savings can help cost reduction without negatively affecting the product’s quality. Plus, when energy costs are reduced, the changeability associated with unpredictable energy prices in today’s market is also reduced, avoiding any kind of negative impact that uncertain energy prices may have upon the companies’ expected earnings.

Nowadays, there is a wide spectrum of opportunities that exist within the U.S. vehicle assembly plants to reduce energy consumption while upholding or improving the plant’s production. In addition to this, the cost-effective investment into energy efficiency technologies and practices encounters the challenge of maintaining a high quality product while maintaining reduced production costs, and this can be essential when considering energy efficiency improvements, since these technologies can include extra benefits for the company at a long term.

And last but not least, the energy savings are a vital component of a company’s environmental strategy, especially when talking about an industry related with gas emissions such as vehicle assembly plants. Furthermore, energy efficiency can be the most sustainable and cheaper opportunity to reduce pollutant discharges. In brief, the energy efficiency investment is on its way of becoming the most powerful strategy in today's vehicle industry in the United States. For further information contact Energy Integrated Solutions.

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