One stop shopping for turnkey energy conservation and

operation optimization measures addressing key process areas

Case Studies

Medical Devices
Covington, GA
Annual Savings: 26.2%
Food & Beverage
Chicago, IL
Annual Savings: 12%
LaFayette, GA
Annual Savings: 21%
Newark, NJ
Annual Savings: 13%
Commercial Buildings
Nashville, TN
Annual Savings: 22.3%
Bartlett, TN
Annual Savings: 23.0%

Our 40+ year experience on industrial energy efficiency while working with certified M&V professional staff, has ranked EIS across the national and global market as one of the top organizations focused on optimizing and improving energy conservation with a savings guarantee agility. Our integrated and service-oriented approach provides the flexibility to address customer needs, reducing risk and capitalizing on financial and operational savings. EIS offers full energy consulting through a holistic vision.

Energy Integrated Solutions, Inc. (EIS)

1059 Triad Ct., Suite 3

Marietta, GA 30062 USA




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